Emerson Solutions | System Features
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System Features

Emerson’s RMIS and Risk Management software solution, eRIMS3, is capable of doing much more than simply storing claims, exposure and other risk data and generating reports. From workflow automation, to KPI based dashboards to “smart-tag” attachments, eRIMS3 serves as a valuable resource for Emerson’s clients that enables them to focus on making decisions instead of managing data.

Some of the features within eRIMS3 are:

Graphical Reports

All standard claim and exposure reports come standard with graphical renderings that the user can update on the fly.

Ad Hoc Repots

Long gone are the days of awkward and difficult report writers. Emerson’s proprietary Ad Hoc report writer is intuitive and easy to use, giving users the ability to order, group, sort and filter off of any field within the system

Searchable Attachments

Any electronic file can be uploaded and stored within eRIMS3. They can easily be found and retrieved by virtual folder organization and quick search ability based on tags or content.

Full Mobile Functionality

eRIMS3 is built and managed in such a way that all modules can be accessed through any web browser and even more so through any mobile device on hand. This includes any and all iOS, Android, and Windows devices as well as other major competitors.

E-mail integration

The eRIMS3 Outlook Integration tool allows users to easily attach emails and the corresponding attachments to any record.

Bulletin Board

Central communication center where users can post comments, links, pictures or files and collaborate with each other on best practices, lessons learned and more.

Workflow Management

Administrative feature that puts the control into the clients’ hands so that they can create their own email notifications, automatic diaries or update any field based on custom criteria.