Emerson Solutions | Clients
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Client Industries

For 26 years, Emerson Solutions has confidently and professionally provided top tier Risk Management Insurance Software to a variety of industries including but not limited to: national retail automotive, local and state governments with respect to Risk Management teams to Sheriff County Offices, universities, healthcare, shipping for both port and trucking companies, large scale restaurant and food providers, multi-housing corporations, and international real estate trusts.

Each client has the ability to tailor their software requirements to achieve their respective industry Risk Management needs. With our customizable approach to RMIS systems, our clients are provided an innovative product that is not only user friendly, but adaptive to the ever-changing work environments. Whether you’re an international marine shipping company that needs to track cargo being shipped to and from port destinations, or a retail automotive company that manages hundreds of car dealerships around the United States, Emerson Solutions creates what YOU need on a day to day basis to cover all of your Risk Management needs.

What Clients Are Saying

With 100 company restaurants and over 300 franchise restaurants across the country, eRIMS provides large scale businesses the consistency needed to operate at optimal efficiency. eRIMS offers assured coverage by tracking the Certificates of Insurance across all work sites, which can become a very large and daunting task. Director of Risk Management, Charlotte Peedin, discusses the ease of use of the Emerson COI module, and the overall experience working with the Emerson team.

Sonic Automotive is made up of over 150 automobile dealerships that employees over 10,000 associates nationwide. Managing risk throughout the dealership network as it relates to exposures and employee safety is a true challenge. Tim Hallice, Director of Risk Management for Sonic, discusses how the flexibility and customization of the eRIMS2 platform was able to be tailored around Sonic’s risk management needs and processes.

This short video illustrates our clients use of the breadth of Emerson’s eRIMS2 software platform. From the ability for extensive customization, to its endless scalability, and secure reliability, the eRIMS2 platform is developed to give your team a truly comprehensive approach to managing risk.