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About Emerson

Emerson Solutions

Customized • Innovative • Adaptive

Web-Based Risk Management Software

Founded by Richard E. Wilkins in Wilmington, North Carolina, Emerson Software Solutions has been providing risk management solutions for more than twenty years.

Seeking to provide solutions for companies struggling to abide by and measure new EPA restrictions in the early 1990’s, Emerson Software Solutions emerged as a cutting edge partner to companies of various industries, state and federal agencies. Over the following years, our solutions evolved to include a more comprehensive approach to risk management and have culminated in our proprietary customizable, web-based risk management information system, eRIMS3.

As a growing privately owned company, we pride ourselves in providing world class service to our clients, many of whom are in the Fortune 500. Our clients represent a variety of industries and include Sonic Automotive, Fairpoint Communications, Regions Financial Corporation, Mickey Truck Bodies, The South Carolina State Ports Authority, Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, Golden Corral, Thomas Enterprises and NC State University.

While growth has always been a priority for Emerson Software Solutions, our top priority has always been to continue to provide the best possible service for our clients. As such, our approach to growth has always been measured by the possible impact on our ability to service our clients. While we have expanded our operations in the past few years to include offices in Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia, we have never taken on debt in order to accommodate this growth. Our clients depend on our financial well-being in order to continue to provide quality service, and we take that responsibility seriously.