Emerson Solutions | Customized • Innovative • Adaptive
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Emerson Solutions

Customized • Innovative • Adaptive

Web-Based Risk Management Software

For over twenty years, Emerson Software Solutions has provided a wide range of risk management tools for corporations and public entities. eRIMS3 has modules ranging from environmental, health & safety, to workplace audits and all lines of insurance claims management. Emerson’s comprehensive risk management software suite includes customized modules that reduce the daunting task of insurance certificate tracking, and environmental compliance reporting to a manageable and predictable component of your complete business management process.

Which situation describes you?

I am buried in spreadsheets of data that take days to make sense of!

I feel trapped because I constantly ``work around`` my current software.

I can't find software just to manage my non-claim risk management information!

I am or might be
missing an RFP -any suggestions?

See why Emerson’s clients selected eRIMS3
to help manage their risk

See why Emerson’s clients selected eRIMS3 to help manage their risk

This short video illustrates our clients use of the breadth of Emerson’s eRIMS2 software platform. From the ability for extensive customization, to its endless scalability, and secure reliability, the eRIMS2 platform is developed to give your team a truly comprehensive approach to managing risk.